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REMONDIS´ Lippe Plant
  • Would you like to see the Lippe Plant's fascinating recycling facilities up close? It couldn't be simpler. There are, in fact, two ways that you can do this: live on site or virtually.

Experience the Lippe Plant live
Take a tour with us through the Lippe Plant – with your very own guide plus the option to go inside some of the recycling facilities.

Recycling up close

  • We organise guided tours for all kinds of visitors. Politicians and business leaders are just as welcome as schoolchildren (Year 4 or older) and people simply interested in learning more. And, of course, we always make sure we have the right people there to answer the questions asked during the tour – no matter what kind of group it may be.

  • The alternative to an on-site visit: your virtual Lippe Plant tour

    • Duration

      Please allow 1 to 1½ hours for your tour. The exact time needed depends on whether you wish to take a more detailed look at one of our facilities. (see registration form).

    • Please note

      If you wish, we can also organise a bus for your tour if you are travelling from further away. Please note that this service is subject to a charge.

    • Free of charge

      Our guided tours around the Lippe Plant are free of charge for all visitors travelling within a radius of up to 20 kilometres. The same applies if you are travelling as a group in your own bus from further away and make it available for the tour.

Why the Lippe Plant is well worth a visit

Everyone has heard of recycling – and yet the whole subject often remains a little abstract. The only real link that most people have to the recycling process is the very first step, i.e. when they separate their waste at home or at work. Very few people know what actually happens to their old plastic, organic waste and other materials. And that’s a real shame. It really is fascinating to see up close how a waste material is transformed into a reusable raw material. This is precisely what you get to see at the Lippe Plant – and in some areas (such as our plastics recycling and organic waste treatment facilities) you actually get to hold the products in your hands. We look forward to welcoming you to our plant!

Some important safety information upfront

  • Please take a few minutes to read through these safety instructions. It is essential that you follow these rules. They have been drawn up to ensure you stay safe while visiting our site.

    • Please be advised that when you visit our plant it is at your own risk. School groups must be accompanied by a teacher or supervisor to ensure all rules are adhered to.

      We assume no liability for damage that may be caused to your property during the trip – e.g. stained clothing.

      Always follow the instructions of your group leader and operating personnel.

      Stay with your group at all times, do not stray from the designated walkways.

      You will be given personal protective equipment before entering the plant (e.g. high vis vests) which must be worn whenever you leave the bus.

      It is essential to wear sturdy shoes (no open or high-heeled shoes). Anyone not wearing sturdy shoes will not be permitted to enter facilities where safety footwear is obligatory.

    • Appropriate clothing must be worn, i.e. long trousers, outer clothing with long sleeves.

      Do not touch any working machines or any other technical equipment or switches when you leave the bus.

      Beware of on-site traffic when you exit the bus.

      It is forbidden to film, take photographs or make audio recordings during the tour without authorisation from a managing director.

      Drinking alcohol or smoking are not permitted anywhere on site.

    • Recycling from a totally different perspective. Our guided tours enable visitors to get an insight into how recycling technologies work – something well worth seeing

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