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    1. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about data protection can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Partner with unlimited liability: REMONDIS Beteiligungs SE Head Office: Lünen Registry court: Amtsgericht…

    Path: /en/imprint/

    2. Privacy & Cookies  
    Privacy Policy A. General information 1. Responsible body and contact details Controller in the sense of the GDPR for these Internet pages is REMONDIS SE & Co. KG Brunnenstr. 138 D-44536…

    Path: /en/privacy-cookies/

    3. Contact us  
    Good service begins with the very first contact. Do you have a question about our work? We're very happy to help – to provide you with information, to give you advice and to hear any suggestions…

    Path: /en/contact-us/

    4. Main administration buildings  
    Around 470 people were employed at the Lippe Plant when it became a recycling centre back in the middle of the 90s. This number has increased almost threefold since then. And everyone there is…

    Path: /en/main-administration-buildings/

    5. Water tower  
    The fact that we are actually able to use our very own water tower can be put down to the site’s long history. The Lippe Plant used to be home to an aluminium factory back in the 1930s. As such…

    Path: /en/water-tower/

    6. Plant security & fire station  
    No matter how busy Europe’s largest industrial recycling centre may be – the people living close by can always sleep peacefully. The plant’s security offices and fire station ensure everyone…

    Path: /en/plant-security-fire-station/

    7. Metal slag processing  
    LEGRAN’s metal slag processing not only benefits steelworks and other metal processors, it also protects the environment. In other words: it is vital as it helps curb climate change. Every gram of…

    Path: /en/metal-slag-processing/

    8. Processing of high risk animal by-products  
    What happens during the treatment of the high risk animal by-products is certainly not appetising. It is, however, necessary. This is the only way to ensure that substances that may be harmful to…

    Path: /en/processing-of-high-risk-animal-by-products/

    9. Treatment of organic waste (incl. earthworks)  
    Nature’s way of recycling is always best – which is why we do exactly the same. By transforming biodegradable kitchen and garden waste into high quality compost, we are helping to promote…

    Path: /en/treatment-of-organic-waste-incl-earthworks/

    10. Production of biodiesel  
    Cutting emissions by 488,000 tonnes every year, the Lippe Plant has an excellent environmental performance – and our biodiesel production operations are one of the main reasons for these results.…

    Path: /en/production-of-biodiesel/

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