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    1. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about data protection can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Partner with unlimited liability: REMONDIS Beteiligungs SE Head Office: Lünen Registry court: Amtsgericht...

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    2. Contact us  
    Good service begins with the very first contact. Do you have a question about our work? We're very happy to help – to provide you with information, to give you advice and to hear any suggestions or...

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    3. Second-use battery storage unit  
    Conditions are changing so quickly today and, of course, they create new challenges for the recycling sector. Old batteries from electric cars may be a recycling niche product at the moment but...

    Path: /en/second-use-battery-storage-unit/

    4. An overview of the site  
    1. Main administration buildings The main administration buildings at the Lippe Plant are also home to the company’s head office which runs the REMONDIS Group’s global operations. Find out more...

    Path: /en/an-overview-of-the-site/

    5. Synergies  
    230 hectares of perfect collaboration work: REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant in Lünen One of the biggest advantages of the Lippe Plant is the way the different fields of business work together to increase...

    Path: /en/synergies/

    6. Production of white minerals  
    A report, published by the French authorities ANES in 2016, has raised concerns as it classifies titanium dioxide as being a probable health hazard. This is certainly alarming as this white pigment...

    Path: /en/production-of-white-minerals/

    7. Production of sodium aluminate  
    Technology transferred to the other end of the world: expertise from the Lippe Plant is in high demand – also in China. The Chinese government has initiated a major environment protection...

    Path: /en/production-of-sodium-aluminate/

    8. Production of binding agents  
    Important wherever space is limited: gypsum plays a decisive role in the construction of modern, space-saving residential and commercial buildings The number of coal-fired power stations will...

    Path: /en/production-of-binding-agents/

    9. Metal slag processing  
    LEGRAN’s metal slag processing not only benefits steelworks and other metal processors, it also protects the environment. In other words: it is vital as it helps curb climate change. Every gram of...

    Path: /en/metal-slag-processing/

    10. Main administration buildings  
    Find out more about the subject of sustainability at Visitors can learn more about the recycled products made at the Lippe Plant by taking a closer look at the display...

    Path: /en/main-administration-buildings/

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