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  • The extensive recycling activities at the Lippe Plant make a major contribution to promoting sustainable development. Every single solution, every type of recycling technology is helping to conserve our planet’s natural resources.

Sustainability in practice – across all fields of business

  • Every piece of material that is recovered and returned to production cycles means fewer primary raw materials need to be mined. What’s more, recycling helps curb climate change. According to a study drawn up by Prognos AG and the INFA Institute, the activities at the Lippe Plant reduce carbon emissions by 488,000 tonnes every year. That is enough to offset the emissions of 100,000 long-haul flights to Sydney. Or, put in a different way: the amount of CO2 emissions cut by the Lippe Plant is the same as that achieved by a wind farm with 80 wind turbines.

    The amount of carbon emissions cut by the Lippe Plant every year is the same as that generated by 100,000 long-haul flights

All there is to know about the Lippe Plant’s input and output materials

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One of KlimaExpo.NRW’s best pioneering projects

  • In 2016, REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant received a very special award in recognition of both its exemplary recycling efforts and its success in cutting carbon emissions. Since then, it has been on KlimaExpo.NRW’s official list of best pioneering projects. This honour is only given to projects that have a sustained beneficial impact on our climate – and confirms that we are on the right path at the Lippe Plant with our philosophy, “recycling rather than disposal”.

    Combining words with images – this 2016 KlimaExpo film takes a look at the Lippe Plant – now one of its official pioneering projects

Always room for improvement

You can never do enough to promote sustainable development and prevent climate change. Which is why we are always doing everything in our power to grow the number of materials we can recover at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant as well as to increase the efficiency of our systems. Improving our current recycling processes is just as important here as developing new technology. Over the last few years alone, we have invested 400 million euros in the site. Our latest project has been to set up a completely new facility for treating organic material. The cascaded use of the input material to produce biogas and compost means that the whole system is even more sustainable. And that is exactly what the Lippe Plant is all about: trying to get that little bit more out of the waste that is delivered to the site. Working for the future. To protect our environment and climate.

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