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REMONDIS´ Lippe Plant
  • Around 470 people were employed at the Lippe Plant when it became a recycling centre back in the middle of the 90s. This number has increased almost threefold since then. And everyone there is working to help conserve our planet’s natural resources. Clear proof that growth can be good for both business and the environment.

  • The centre of REMONDIS’ world
    The REMONDIS Group’s head office is based at the Lippe Plant.

  • From HR management to marketing

    What departments can be found in the main administration buildings? What apprenticeships and traineeships are on offer?


    It may be just a building but it’s a great example of how natural resources can be conserved: our new administration offices.

This is where it all comes together.
So that nothing is left to chance

    • A deliberate decision was made to go with tradition: the architecture of the new office complex reflects the design of the site’s other buildings


    • The main administration buildings are not only home to those responsible for organising the Lippe Plant operations – they also house the REMONDIS Group’s head office and several dozen of its companies. These buildings are effectively the company’s nerve centre – this is where strategic decisions are made, for example regarding product development, sales and marketing. Just as the company is steadily expanding, so too are the number of administration buildings.


    • A completely new office complex was built alongside the mid-20th Century head office building in 2010 and then extended again in 2016. Around 1,400 people currently work in REMONDIS’ main administration buildings at the Lippe Plant – and this number continues to rise as well.

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Everything under one roof

You know your head office is doing a good job when all the different departments work together smoothly and complement each other perfectly. Our head office is, in fact, organised in the same way as the individual recycling facilities at the Lippe Plant: with everything geared to each other perfectly. All our head office departments (from controlling, purchasing and HR, to marketing and PR, all the way through to our legal department) are located under one roof in the main head office building. REMONDIS IT Services – the company responsible for all IT services within the REMONDIS Group – is also based in the main administration building. This means short distances, quick decisions and efficient work. Across all levels.

An apprenticeship at REMONDIS’ head office – The perfect start to a young person’s future career

  • We certainly don’t hold back when it comes to showing young people what a good employer REMONDIS is. This includes welcoming them as a fully-fledged member of the REMONDIS family on the day they sign their contract (normally at the REMONDIS Group’s head office ten months before their apprenticeship begins) and remaining in regular contact with them from then onwards. The apprentices are given the best possible start when they actually take up their new job so that they are well prepared for their future tasks. This includes a tour around the whole of the Lippe Plant as well as an introductory event with talks and seminars on subjects such as business communication and the fundamentals of the waste management sector.

    Find out more about our different apprenticeship courses (German)

Traineeships with excellent prospects

  • Being a trainee at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant means taking the first steps towards a successful career as a manager. Right from the start, trainees get to know all about the ins and outs of the company’s everyday business – with their tasks always being directly related to their future role. One fixed component of such traineeships (for example, our 18-month traineeship in controlling/accounts) is a comprehensive trainee development programme involving trainees from all companies and regions. This includes special ‘Trainee Days’ as well as seminars to improve the participants’ soft skills – helping trainees to develop and enhance both their professional and personal skills. What’s more, the Trainee Days and trainee seminars provide a perfect environment for the trainees to get to know each other and build up their network of contacts.

    Find out more about our different traineeships (German)

    • X

      Regulating temperatures using concrete core activation
      The water pipes installed in the ceilings regulate the temperature in the offices; very little energy is needed to do this

      Eco-friendly wall and ceiling paint
      The whole of the building was painted with CASUBLANCA products. These are non-toxic paints that are based on CASUL – a white mineral, which is produced at the Lippe Plant and made from primary raw materials.

      Eco-friendly floor screed
      RADDIBIN screed was used to make the floors – a REMONDIS product made from FGD filter gypsum produced by local power stations

      Automatic lighting system
      The outdoor lights turn themselves on and off automatically depending on the level of daylight – using BUS technology

      State-of-the-art building control technology
      The central computer registers all activities in the building. If, for example, a window is opened, then the heating automatically turns itself off in that room

      Waste heat as a source of energy
      The heat generated by the building's own computer centre is used to heat the offices and meeting rooms

A building that incorporates so much of the Lippe Plant

    • Our new administration building – a perfect example of sustainability in practice

    • Visitors can learn more about the recycled products made at the Lippe Plant by taking a closer look at the display pillars in the entrance hall of the old head office building. The new building complex, however, is itself an impressive display of just how useful the products made at the Lippe Plant are for our everyday lives. A whole range of products made at our production facilities at the plant were used to build this new complex. Binding agents based on FGD gypsum, for example, were used in the floor screed. All of the walls and ceilings were painted with non-toxic paints that contain a particularly high quality white mineral produced at the Lippe Plant.

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