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REMONDIS´ Lippe Plant
  • Fascinating as a natural spectacle – incredibly useful in our water tower: gravity ensures that the Lippe Plant has a permanent supply of water and that the pressure in the network remains at the same high level.

  • Capacity
    The water tower stores 300m³ of drinking water and 300m³ of raw water. Enough to fill a professional diving pool.

  • It is one of the site’s traditions to ‘think big’

    The Lippe Plant’s water tower was built over 80 years ago.

Untroubled waters. Water whenever it’s needed

  • The water tower at the Lippe Plant has enough space to store 300m³ of drinking water and 300m³ of raw water. It also supplies the plant’s fire brigade with the water it needs

    Large volumes of water are needed for the many different types of recycling processes at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant. Just one reason here is because most of the materials delivered to the site have to be washed before they can be processed. That may sound a bit mundane but this initial washing stage is in fact very important. Why? Because it is only possible to make high quality recycled products if the input material itself is of a high quality. Besides storing and supplying water, the water tower also regulates the pressure in the water network. The height of the tower – and consequently the great distance the water falls from the tank – ensures that water pressure remains at a constant level throughout the Lippe Plant.

  • Fancy a quick physics lesson?

    The water tower at REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant functions in the same way as any other water tower, i.e. according to the so-called ‘principle of communicating vessels’. This ensures that the water supplied to the different facilities remains at a constant pressure. In other words: the pressure of the water throughout the Lippe Plant is exactly the same as the pressure created by the water falling from the elevated tank in the tower. Thanks to gravity.

Break-even point:
sometime last century

    • Find out more about the Lippe Plant’s history and the synergies at the site

    • The fact that we are actually able to use our very own water tower can be put down to the site’s long history. The Lippe Plant used to be home to an aluminium factory back in the 1930s. As such production activities needed huge volumes of water, the company decided to build its own water tower so it could be self-sufficient. No matter how useful such structures may be, they are rarely built nowadays. Building a water tower is a very expensive business and it takes a long while before such an investment brings a return. Which is why it is only right that it continues to be used at the Lippe Plant. Not only does it fulfil an important task, it is also perfectly in line with the Lippe Plant’s status as Europe’s largest industrial recycling centre. At the end of the day, reuse is the best and most efficient form of recycling.

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