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REMONDIS´ Lippe Plant
  • Not all of the waste generated at hospitals needs to be sent for special treatment but a lot of it does. Infectious waste is first delivered to the Lippe Plant to make sure it is treated correctly. This centre collects the material, stores it safely and prepares it for further treatment.

  • Flexible
    All materials safely stored 24/7 – thanks to the site’s logistics centre for storing, transhipping and treating waste.

  • Disinfection facility

    The Lippe Plant not only provides temporary storage space for infectious clinical waste, it can also dispose of it. The material’s first port of call is a special disinfection facility.

The best treatment for healthcare waste:
off to REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant

  • People generating sensitive healthcare waste need to know that this is being stored and disposed of professionally and in accordance with all rules and regulations. We are more than able to help out here. And as our facility has a very large storage area, our customers are given peace of mind that their healthcare waste can be taken in at any time – no matter how large or how small the amount. This is not only important insofar as it relieves the pressure on customers having to find space to store their waste materials, it also creates a breathing space should there be a delay at a downstream treatment facility. For example, if there is a malfunction at one of the plants we deliver to.

Safely stored, safely treated

  • The Lippe Plant is the final destination for a large part of the healthcare waste. REMONDIS Medison, the Group’s experts for medical waste, operates both a transfer centre at the site as well as its own state-of-the-art disinfection facility. All types of healthcare waste can be treated here – using safe and environmentally compatible processes. Any material that we are unable to neutralise is transported to other treatment facilities outside the plant. Using special vehicles and containers and in line with the strictest safety regulations.

    • The waste that is neutralised in the disinfection facility can be used as a fuel – it is, therefore, sent straight to the Lippe Plant’s own power station

Infectious waste is managed and processed by a specialist company within the REMONDIS Group. Further details about the company can be found at remondis-medison.de

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