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    1. Privacy & Cookies  
    Data protection information A. General information 1. Responsible body and contact details Controller in the sense of the GDPR for these websites is REMONDIS Sustainable Services GmbH Brunnenst

    Path: /privacy-cookies/

    2. REKOMED  
    Every year, REMONDIS Medison uses its REKOMED system to process up to 5,400 tonnes of hospital waste – generating enough energy to cover the annual needs of 4,000 households The technology us

    Path: /rekomed/

    3. Sorting of mixed waste  
    A whole load of untapped recycling potential Far too many recyclable materials are being lost despite the fact that Germany has a series of different bins for households and made it obligatory f

    Path: /sorting-of-mixed-waste/

    4. Production of white minerals  
    A report, published by the French authorities ANES in 2016, has raised concerns as it classifies titanium dioxide as being a probable health hazard. This is certainly alarming as this white pigment

    Path: /production-of-white-minerals/

    5. Production of binding agents  
    What do smart walls and floors have in common with sulphurous flue gases? A great deal actually. The flue gas desulphurisation systems at power stations generate the by-product, FGD gypsum. A raw

    Path: /production-of-binding-agents/

    6. Metal slag processing  
    LEGRAN’s metal slag processing not only benefits steelworks and other metal processors, it also protects the environment. In other words: it is vital as it helps curb climate change. Every gram of m

    Path: /metal-slag-processing/

    7. Umwelt Control Labor  
    Taking a really close look at water is just one of the specialities of UCL – the REMONDIS Group’s certified and accredited specialist laboratory. What’s more, UCL analyses all of the materials sen

    Path: /umwelt-control-labor/

    8. Fluidised-bed furnace  
    REMONDIS makes the very most of residual materials even if they can’t be recycled. There’s a whole load of energy hidden in waste just waiting to be used. For example, incinerating  non-recyc

    Path: /fluidised-bed-furnace/

    9. Production of biodiesel  
    Cutting emissions by 488,000 tonnes every year, the Lippe Plant has an excellent environmental performance – and our biodiesel production operations are one of the main reasons for these results. Th

    Path: /production-of-biodiesel/

    10. Synergies  
    Despite being specialists in our field, our industry still comes up with some surprises – simply because we don’t know what new recycling challenges may be waiting for us in the future. What we do

    Path: /synergies/

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