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REMONDIS´ Lippe Plant
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    1. Image Credits  
    Image credits for the website The following provides a list of image credits for the photos and images used on our website. They have been listed in the order they appear in

    Path: /image-credits/

    2. Metal slag processing  
    LEGRAN’s metal slag processing not only benefits steelworks and other metal processors, it also protects the environment. In other words: it is vital as it helps curb climate change. Every gram of m

    Path: /metal-slag-processing/

    3. Treatment of organic waste (incl. earthworks)  
    Nature’s way of recycling is always best – which is why we do exactly the same. By transforming biodegradable kitchen and garden waste into high quality compost, we are helping to promote sustaina

    Path: /treatment-of-organic-waste-incl-earthworks/

    4. Second-use battery storage unit  
    Conditions are changing so quickly today and, of course, they create new challenges for the recycling sector. Old batteries from electric cars may be a recycling niche product at the moment but ther

    Path: /second-use-battery-storage-unit/

    5. Production of white minerals  
    A report, published by the French authorities ANES in 2016, has raised concerns as it classifies titanium dioxide as being a probable health hazard. This is certainly alarming as this white pigment

    Path: /production-of-white-minerals/

    6. Production of binding agents  
    What do smart walls and floors have in common with sulphurous flue gases? A great deal actually. The flue gas desulphurisation systems at power stations generate the by-product, FGD gypsum. A raw

    Path: /production-of-binding-agents/

    7. Main administration buildings  
    When REMONDIS converted the Lippe Plant into a recycling centre in the mid-90s, there were about 470 people working at the site. The number of people employed by the REMONDIS companies located at

    Path: /main-administration-buildings/

    8. Guided Tours  
    Would you like to see the Lippe Plant's fascinating recycling facilities up close? It couldn't be simpler. There are, in fact, two ways that you can do this: live on site or virtually. Experie

    Path: /guided-tours/

    9. Synergies  
    Despite being specialists in our field, our industry still comes up with some surprises – simply because we don’t know what new recycling challenges may be waiting for us in the future. What we do

    Path: /synergies/

    10. An overview of the site  
    1. Main administration buildings REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant is also home to this international group’s head office.  Find out more 2. Water tower REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant has its own water tower. It

    Path: /an-overview-of-the-site/

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